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Full text of "Minutes of the Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Association. 1916."

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Bear Creek Primitive Baptist 

""•■"'■■-■■* III 1 

ELDER J. F. MILLS, Moderator, Marshville, N. C. 
J. W. JONES, Clerk, Marshville, N. C. 

suant to previous adjournment. Praise and prayer by Elder 
C. A. Davis, then the moderator took his seat. 

8. Called on committee of arrangements to report. Re- 
port read and approved. 

9. Called names of messengers and marked absentees. 
(Omitted reading Rules of Decorum.) 

10. Called on corresponding messengers to sister Asso- 
ciations to report. Elder Mills attended Mill Branch and 
had a good meeting. Received and distributed correspond- 
ing minutes from Mill Branch and Mountain District. 

11. Called on correspondents from sister Associations to 
report. Elder C. A. Davis, from Salem Association, reported 
peace and union, 

12. Called for report from Presbyteries. No reports. 

13. That we praise God and extend thanks to Union 
Grove Church and people of the vicinity for kind enter- 
tainment during the meeting. 

14. Adjourned to Fall Sesion at Pleasant Grove Church- 
first of coming October. 

Benediction by the moderator. 

While Association was in session, preaching service con- 
ducted at the stand by Elders C. A. Davis and B. L. Treece 

ELDER J. F. MILLS, Moderator. 
J. W. JONES, Clerk, 
ri. M. BAUCOM, Assistant Clerk. 


Albemarle— D. B. Howard, W. H. Hinson*, W. Solomon. 
Bear Creek— Elder J. E. Williams, Aaron Furr, Daniel Furr*. 
Bethany — By letter. 

Broom's Grove— Elder H. M. Williams, E. S. Huneycutt, W. E. 

Concord — E. S. Clontz, J. F. Burrus. 

Clark's Grave— S. B. Tucker, J. L. Helms, Robt. Hatley. 

Crooked Creek — W. D. Benton, H. E. Rowelil, L. L. Little. 

Freedom — Not represented. 

High Hill— D. S. Jones, J. J. Hill, C. T. Mills. 

High Ridge— J. B. Medlin, J. P. Rushing, Brice Thomas. 

Howard's Chapel — P. A. Howard, R. B. Burrus, J. S. Curlee*. 

Jerus-alem— J. W. Godwin, E. W. Helms, T. F. Mills. 

Jones' Hill— A. A. Morton, J. F. Greene*, W. H. Howard*. 

Liberty— Elder H. Taylor, S. D. Outen, J. B. Whitley*. 
Liberty Hill— W. H. Huneycutt*, C. W. Safley*, R. T. Burrus. 
Lawyer's Spring — J. V/. Jones, C. B. Edwards, F. P. Saunders. 
Meadow Creek — D. M. Hathcock, J. A. Barbee*, J. W. Tucker*. 
Mountain Creek — W. R. Morton*, J. C. Miller*, J. E. Russell*. 
New Zion— S. M. Underwood*, W. Coley*, W. A. Helms. 
Pleasant Hill— B. J. Liles, J. M. Taylor, H. Compton. 
Pleasant Grove — S. A. Williams, Eilisiia Mullis, J. L. MuUis. 
Philadeilpliia — By letter. 

Running Creek— E. M. Hatley, J. D. Eury, W. M. Almond. 
Union Grove — T. A. McClelian, F. L. Baucom, J. D. Hill. 
Vv^atscn— J. T. Rushing, W. A. Hargett, E. C. Williams. 
Wadesboro— W. D. Edwards*, W. A. Dry. 
Absentees marked thus, *. 


Pleasant Grove Church, Union County, N. C. 

September 30th, 191d. 

Assembled around the stand in the grove at 11 o'clock 
A. M.. and after praise and prayer the introductory sermon 
was preached by Elder Henry Taylor, from text found in 
4th and 5th verses of second chapter of Ephesians. Inter- 
mission one hour. Then the ministers and messengers pres- 
ent convened in the church house. Praise and prayer by 
Elder Isaac Jones, after which Elder Mills resumed the 
chair and proceeded as follows: 

1. Called for the letters from the several churches, 
w^hich w^ere handed in as called and read by H. M. Baucom, 
assistant clerk. 

2. Re-elected Elder J. F. Mills moderator and J. W. 
Jones clerk. 

3. Invited messengers from sister Associations to seats 
wdth full privileges of the body. 

4. Invited visiting brethren of sister Associations to 
seats with us as honorary guests. (Thus seated were Elder 
Isaac elones of the White Oak Association and Elder O. J. 
Denny, Charlotte, N. C. 

5. Apointed the following a committee of arrangements 
for business Monday, to-wit: Brothers Aaron Furr, P. A. 
Howard, Frank Burrus, with moderator and clerk. 

6. Appointed as finance committee, Brothers Eiisha 
MuUis and J. E. Rnssell. 

7. That Elders C. A. Davis, 0. J. Denny, G. W. Gore 
and Isaac Jones preach at the stand Sunday. Services to 
commence at 10 A. M. 

8. Adjourned to 9:30 A. M., Monday. Benediction by 
the moderator. 

Saturday evening services conducted at the stand by 
Elders Isaac Jones and 0. J. Denny. 


Asseml)led around the stand at 10 A. M. Song and 
prayer service conducted by Elder Isaac Jones. Then Elder 
C. A. Davis preached from these words, "Come see a man 
who tells me all things I ever did, is not this the Christ?" 
Elder Davis is one of the sheep-feeders and preached most 
comfortingly of the Saviour Christ and His love and mercy 
to those who put their trust in God through Him. Then 
followed Elder 0. J. Denny, who read from 13th to 19th 
verses of 16th Chapter of Matthew, and preached a soul- 
cheering and most edifying sermon, showing the great sover- 
eign work of God and His Christ and the sureness of the work 
of grace in the heart of man. 

Then followed Elder George W. Gore, who though not 
reading a special text, preached u])on salvation by grace, 
through Christ Jesus, bestowed upon those loved by the 
Father as was Jacob. This was a fine sermon and a good 
link in the gospel chain. 

Intermission one hour for dinner. 

At one o'clock P. M. re-assembled around the stand and 
after singing, Elder Isaac Jones preached from the Scrip- 
ture found in 5th chapter of Revelations, the sealed book, 
and how no man could open or look thereon, and how that 
the Lamb of God did prevail to open the book. This sermon 
was in power and demonstration of the spirit of God and 
most eloquently delivered amidst rejoicing and shouts to 
the praise of God for His goodness and mercy. 

Then followed Elder T. M. Standly, who preached in the 
very same line of salvation through Christ and Him cruci- 
fied. He read Gal. 1 :3. Thus closed Lhe services of the dc-y. 

Convened in the house at 9 :30 A. M. pursuant to ad- 
journment. Praise and prayer by Elder J. E. TViiliams, 
Then the moderator took his seat and called on arrange- 

ment committee to report. Eeport read and adopted. 

10. Called roll of messengers, noted absentees, but omit- 
ted reading of Rules. 

11. Called on corresponding mesengers to sister Asso- 
ciations to report. Those appointed failed to attend, but 
were excused. 

12. Called on corresponding messengers from sister As- 
sociation to report. The following brethren, who had been 
seated Saturday, reported peace and union in their respec- 
tive Associations, to-wit : From Abbotts Creek, Elder Sam- 
uel McMillon ; from Salem, Elder C. A. Davis and Bro. J. T. 
Greer; from Silver Creek, Bro. Richmond Moore; from Mill 
Branch, Elder G. W. Gore. Pile of minutes from Center and 
Silver Creek. 

13. Appointed correspondence with sister Associations 
as follows: To Abbotts Creek, Elders H. M. "Williams, J. F. 
Mills and minutes ; to Mill Branch, Elders J. F. Mills, W. C. 
Edwards, Henry Taylor and minutes ; to Silver Creek, El- 
ders Henry Taylor, Robt. Helms, H. M. Williams and min- 
utes ; to Center, file of minutes ; to Mountain District, file of 
minutes ; to Salem, Elder J. F. Mills and file of minutes. 

14. Called for reports of Presbyteries. Elder H. M. 
Williams reported that on Saturday before third Sunday in 
September, 1916, himself and Elder J. E. Williams formed a 
presbytery at Jones' Hill and ordained Brother Adam Mor- 
ton a deacon. Brother D. S. Jones reported that himself, 
Elder W. C. Edwards and Deacon Rowell formed a presby- 
tery on Saturday before first Sunday in September, 1916, 
at High Hill and ordained Brother William Clontz a deacon. 
Elder Mills reported that himself and Elder W. C. Edwards 
formed a presbytery on Friday before third Sunday in Au- 
gust at High Ridge and ordained Brethren L. E. Thomas and 
J. P. Rushing deacons. Elder Robert Helms reported that 
himself and Elders T. M. Standly and H. M. Williams form- 
ed a presbytery on Saturday before second Sunday in Sep- 
tember, 1916, at New Zion and ordained Brother W". A. 
Helms a deacon. 

15. That the next Suring Session of this Association con- 
vene with the church at Liberty Hill, Stanly County, N. C, 
commencing on Saturday before first Sunday in May, 1917. 
and that Elder J. F. Mills is appointed to preach the intro- 
ductory sermon at 11 o'clock A. M., Elder B. L. Treece his 
alternate, and that the Annual Fall Session be held with the 
church at Jerusalem, Anson County, N. C, commencing on 



Article 1. We believe in one only living and true God, 
the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost. 

Art. 2. We believe in the man Jesus being the first of all 
God's creation and the pattern of all God's perfection in 
nature, providence, grace and glory, and in relative union 
with the divine word, and thus united with the whole Trin- 

Art. 3. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and 
New Testoments contain the only written revealed word of 
God, and are the only perfect rule of faith and practice for 
God's church in her militant state while here on earth. 

Art. 4. We believe in the doctrine of Election, that God 
chose his church in Christ Jesus before the world began. 

Art. 5. We believe in all mankind's apostacy by trans- 
gression in Adam, their federal head. 

Art. 6. We believe in the doctrine of Original Sin. 

Art. 7. We believe in the impotency of man to recover 
himself from his fallen state by his own free will and ability. 

Art. 8. We believe that sinners are justified freely by 
grace and before God by faith in Christ and his right- 
eousness only. 

Art. 9. We believe that God's elect or church shall be 
called, converted, regenerated and sanctified by the Holy 
Spirit in due time. 

Art. 10. We believe that the saints shall persevere in 
graxie and never finally fall away. 
• Art. 11. We believe that baptism and the Lord's Supper 

are ordinances of Christ's appointment and that believers 
alone are the subjects of baptism and the only proper com- 
municants of the supper; that the mode of baptism is im- 
mersion, and that neither of the ordinances is to be altered 
or changed by the inventions or opinions of men. 

Art. 12. We believe that no man as a minister has any 
right to the administration of any of the ordinances of the 
gospel except such as are sound in the faith of the gospel, 
regularly baptised, called of God and have come under the 
imposition of hands by a regular Presbytery. 

Art. 13, We believe in the resurrection of the dead, both 
the just and the unjust, and a general judgment. 

Art. 14. We believe that the punishment of the wicked 
will be everlasting and the joys of the righteous eternal. 



1st. A Moderator, of Chief Speaker, and Clerk may be 
chosen by the suffrages of the members present. 

2. The Chief Speaker, or Moderator, shall take his seat 
at the hour to which the Association shall be adjourned, and 
after prayer shall proceed to business. It shall be his duty 
to keep order, and shall be entitled to the same privilege of 
speech as that of another member ; provided he appoint one 
of the members to fill the chair during the exercise of such 
privilege, and in no case shall give a vote unless the Asso- 
ciation be equally divided. 

3rd. Only one member shall be allowed to speak at a 
time, who shall rise from his seat and address the Chief 
Speaker by the appellation of brother, and while speaking 
shall confine himself strictly to the subject in question, and 
shall not be interrupted undess he digress from the subject, 
and shall in no wise reflect on any other speaker, so as to 
make remarks on his slips and failings and inperfections,. 
but shall fairly give his own views of the case without 
sophistry or criticism. 

4th. No person shall speak more than three times on one 
subject without leave of the Association. 

5th. No person shall absent himself from the Association 
without leave. 

6th. No member of the Association shall address any 
other member by any other term or name than that of 

7th. The Chief Speaker, or Moderator, shall not interrupt 
one member to prohibit him from speaking until his speech 
is finished, except he break the rules of Decorum. 

8th. The names of all the members of this Association 
shall be enrolled by the clerk, and be called over as often as 
the Association may require. 

Any member who shall willingly and knowingly break 
or violate any of the foregoing rules of this Association, 
shall be reproved by the Association in any way they may 
think proper. 


Form of Government (or Constitution) of the Bear Creok 
Primitive Baptist Association. 

Which was adopted in the date of A. D. 1832, and has been 
in vogue ever since. 

1st. The Association shall be composed of members duly 
chosen by the different churches in our union and sent to 
represent them in the Association, who producing letters 
from their respective churches certifying their appoint- 
ments, shall ])e entitled to a seat. 

2nd. In the letters from the different churches shall be 
expressed their members in full fellowship, those baptized, 
received hy letter, excommunicated, restored and dead since 
the Jast Association. 

3rd. The members thus chosen and convened shall be de- 
ncminated the Bear Creek Association, who shall have no 
pov\^er to lord it over God's heritage, nor have any eccle- 
siastical power to infringe on the internal rights of the 
church, nevertheless in some cases, it becomes necessary to 
have some uniform rule for proceeding, viz : when an offense 
Rjay be committed by one church against another, we advise 
the church so offended to labor with the offender for satis- 
faction, and if she fail of success, she may call in the aid of 
tw^o or more churches in the union to assist in the labors, 
and, if finally, satisfaction in the opinion of the helps cannot 
be obtained, then the aggrieved church may bring the case 
before the Association, whose duty it shall be to act on it ; 
and also, when any serious difference may arise, in any in- 
dividual church, which they all, after due labor had, cannot 
reconcile, we advise the church then to call in the aid of 
ore churches in the Union to assist in the w^ork ; and, if no 
satisfaction can be had, it may be brought before the Asso- 
ciation, who shall act on it, and further to illustrate the 
mode of proceeding in the above cases, reference shall be 
had to the 18th chapter of the gospel of Matthew and other 
scriptures, which respect discipline for the bringing to trial, 
and determining on the case of an individual member of an 
individual church, and the Association will take cognizance 
of no case of the kind unless the above proceeding be had 

4th. The Association when convened shall be goverend 
by a regular pnd proper Decorum, which they are author- 
ized to form for themselves. 


5th. The AssQciation shall appoint a Chief Speaker or 
Moderator from amog themselves for the time being, whose 
duty it shall be to see that the Rules of Decorum shall be 
attended to, to take the opinion of the Association on all 
questions properly brought before them; and a Clerk shall 
be appointed by the Association, whose duty it shall be to 
take a correct minute of the proceedings of the Association, 
keep a regular file of the minutes, who shall be at liberty to 
choose his assistant. 

6th. New churches may be aditted into this union, who 
shall petition by letter and delegate or delegates on exam- 
ination, if found orthodox and orderly may be received and 
may be manifested by the Chief Speaker or Moderator giv- 
ing the right hand of fellowship to the delegate or delegates. 

fj. Every church or delegate shall be entitled to repre^ 
sentation in the Association, but shall not have more than 
three members from a church. 

. 8th. Any query presented to the Association by any 
church in the union shall be read, on which the sense of the 
Association shall be taken, whether it be considered, and if 
there be a majority for taking it into consideration it shall 
be examined, otherwise it shall be withdrawn, nevertheless 
no query except such as relate to the general union, shall 
be received from any church which has not been deliber- 
ately considered in the church in which it originated and 
which they cannot get satisfaction. 

9th. Every motion made in order and seconded, shall 
come under the consideration of the Association unless it be 
withdrawn by the person who made it together with his' 

10th. The Association shall endeavor to furnish the 
churches with minutes of their proceedings, and in order to 
enable them to do it the most convenient manner, it is rec- 
ommended' that the churches should contribute such sums of 
money as they think proper and send by their messengers, 
which, when received, shall be put into the hands of the 
Treasurer appointed for that purpose, and shall be distri- 
buted as the Association may direct for the benefit of the 

11th. Presbyteries for the purpose of constituting 
churches or acting in conjunction with the churches, in or-